Well, this is the awkward part of any blog, especially for someone who doesn’t really like talking about themselves.

I guess first thing is first… my name is Kevin and I am from the great city of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I am currently at the ripe old age of 27, though the grey hairs say differently.

I lead a very busy life.  My Monday through Friday 9-5, or more like 6:30-5:30, is for a local civil engineering firm.  I have worked there since I was 14 years old and have slowly taken on the role of Operations Manager.  In addition to “the office”, I am the Co-Owner and Operations Manager of a successful equine training facility.  As if those two weren’t enough, I also started going back to school a couple years ago to finish my bachelor’s degree in Finance Management.  And, in my spare time, I am an Advocare Independent Adviser.  Now, because I am an idiot, I have decided to start blogging too.

With all that said, though, the stress that I take on on a daily basis has taken a toll on my body.  I have never been in the best of shape, which is sad considering I have the perfect frame, or so I am told.  I went through a spell of high blood pressure and heart palpitations when I was only 23, I recently had a scare where I was forced to start monitoring my glucose levels, my hair is steadily turning grey… well, more like Santa Clause White… I am constantly exhausted, my mood changes at the drop of a hat, the list goes on and on.  Nothing that a 27 year old should be experiencing.

In addition to my current health, I am struggling financially, even with all of my work endeavors.  My full debt profile can be found under the “Debt” tab of this blog but, to say the least, it is sickening.  Nothing that anyone my age should be experiencing, especially not one with such an expansive financial background.  But, life throws your curve balls at every turn.  There were many times I did what I had to do to keep a roof over my head and gas in the tank… and, what I had to do was finance my life.  Obviously there are numerous other factors that play in to the issue but, the nitty-gritty is simple: I have financed much of my life.

So here I am.  I am ready to make a change.  Not just to my physical well-being but to every facet of my self.  My first step is to start the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I have seen numerous people in my life start this challenge and succeed with incredible success.  This isn’t 24 days of my life; this is the rest of my life.  It is time to make a change and start living for tomorrow, not for yesterday!

I am also on a mission to reverse my financial status… on my own.  I could run off and file bankruptcy.  I could default on everything and hide in the corner until the dust settles.  But I am not that kind of person.  I owe lenders money which means I owe people money.  Those people need to be rightfully repaid.  And I will do that; no matter what it takes!

I want to share my journey with anyone who will listen.  I hope to make enough changes in myself to inspire just one person to make a change.  That is all I am after.  The hours that will be spent on this blog will all be worth it if it touches the life of just one person!  This blog will have three main tabs: Personal, Career and Financial.  Each of these tabs represent three of the primary goals I have in my life.  I will share my triumphs, and trials, related to each of these goals under these sections for all to see.  This is to not only hold myself accountable but to help guide others.

Years ago I came up with the slogan “Your Life, Your Story”… You are the author of your story.  Are you writing one that is worth reading?  I don’t feel like I have been and I am ready to start a new chapter.  Are you?

I plan to post progress updates, tips, tricks, research, recipes, stories, anything that I feel might encourage someone to make a change.  Be sure to follow this blog and check back often and feel free to join in with comments, suggestions, stories, anything you are willing to share!

Until next time,



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